Direct connection

This is one of the most profound, resonant and deep teachings i have ever heard.

Exactly what i needed in this moment, a story of what is happening in my own experience and blowing me away, summed up in 1 hour 11 minutes.

And knowing for each of us what we need to hear in the moment is different, so this will speak to who it speaks to and not all. Trust yourself, trust what you sense you need next moment to moment, always.

Here is just one part, as a taster, transposed for those who it might speak to and might not otherwise click the link…

The first step is to face the extremity of the crisis and stop having magical thinking about it, just to be brave enough to realise that we are now in the definitive crisis of our evolution region, and there is a global dark night, and it is exploding, and it does threaten our survival.

And you can’t not face that because, facing it I’ve found doesn’t necessarily drive you into paralysis and despair, it drives you into the deepest possible search for who you really are.

And that gets to the second point, believe the mystics – believe all of the mystics or all of the traditions who say with one voice – you are divine, and you’ve been given as an original blessing, divine consciousness, you’ve been blessed by that. And believe them and they said the whole point of being on the show is not just to read that and think oh, I’m divine, I’m divine, but to realise what that truly truly truly truly means.

Because if you do get anywhere near that realisation, you start dancing naked to Tina Turner around your place. I have done this, I’m afraid to say, because there are moments when you are so overwhelmed with gratitude and amazement at Being, through grace, the living Divine Child of the father, mother, that you can’t do anything else but take your clothes off and just say thank you, Lord! Whoever it is for you, be prepared for those moments of ecstasy!

The third thing is is that in order to realise this, you need to plunge into sacred practice, and the most powerful practice every evolutionary mistake, and this is true of all of the religion says is the simplest. I’m a great advocate of totally simple practice. And that is saying the name of God, by whatever name you worship the divine.

Whatever you believe in, adore the face that is turn to you of the Divine and say its name in the heart as often and wildly and temporally and rapturously as you can and you will discover what Kabir has when he says the name of God through age after age binds me directly to God. So by saying the name in the heart with reverence and passion, you discover over time that you’ll be taught directly the different stages of the mysterious unfolding of your true nature.

So that’s what needs to be done.

And there’s a fourth stage – realise something.

And I just tell a story here about the Dalai Lama. I was interviewing the Dalai Lama, on the day that he was going to win the Nobel Prize in Oslo. I was sent by Vogue or Elle I don’t remember which, a little pixie was sent to him to interview the Great Kahuna. You know, so I was sitting in this long oblong room in this hotel in Oslo, with the Dalai Lama alone, and I asked him absolutely everything on my mind, and he answers so beautifully and it was two hours, two hours with him. And at the end of this two hours, I couldn’t get out of the chair because I was so overwhelmed by his presence, because he’s the sweetest people but there’s this vast vast force of embodied love around him. And he came up to me and hoisted me up, and I was momentarily breast to breast with him. So I looked up at him and said, we’ll never be in this position again. What’s the meaning of life? And he roared with laughter. I mean, that Roar is still echoing in every cell of my being. And then he got very, very, very quiet and very strong. And he pointed at me. And he said…“The meaning of life is to EMBODY the transcendent.” And as he said it, this golden energy went up and down. So I was even more up by then, when he took my hand and he led me to the door and very tenderly said goodbye to me.

You cannot just realise your divine nature, you have to embody it. Bring it down.

Rumi says love flows down, so your heart mind opens to the transcendent but then your job is to unite that realisation with your mind so your mind becomes a servant, united with your heart so your heart becomes an organ of universal love. And then do the difficult, the wonderful work of uniting it with the cells of your body, so your body becomes God’s body, like His holiness – His body is clearly present to what he’s doing is reaching out, loving, loving, loving all the time. And that means action.

So the last part is to put what you are being given by the Divine that loves you so much into action – sacredly inspired action and service on behalf of the creation, on behalf of animals, on behalf of the poor, on behalf of the rich that are lost in ignorance and greed, on behalf of every single sentient being, tirelessly, relentlessly, with humour, with joy, with passion.

If you can combine those four stages, you won’t be spared suffering, my friends, you will go through a lot of suffering, but you will know what the suffering is asking of you – to go deeper into surrender, to go deeper into love, to go deeper into service.

And you will realise whatever happens to the world, that you are the Divine Child of the Father Mother dancing with them both on that burning dance floor, and a great joy will be in your life arising from the source of Joy itself that is the Divine.

If you get into the direct connection, you will be given the Wisdom you need stage by stage. The people you need will appear, the book you need will fall open at the pages you need, you hear the podcast that will open you, you see on TV somebody who gives you the peace that you’ve been waiting for, because the whole universe wants you to be born into your Empowered Human Divine Self.

And if you align with that there is so much grace heading your way, including the grace of our appalling crisis which should wake you the hell up to the complete sterility of any other solutions but this one.That’s a grace.”

Wow. I am left speechless. To experience this and then hear it here spoken, sent to me from a friend who knows nothing of where i am in my life. I am so incredibly grateful, and so in awe!