I enjoy starting any project with conversations to understand the people, context, needs, power, mission, challenges and resources involved. From there we can co-create a format that supports collective wisdom to emerge. This might include…

Here are what other people have told me they value in what I bring: “Seeing links with other people, projects or issues; Eliciting responses and contributions; Valuing each input and visibly showing real interest; Helping people explore themselves, their feelings, intentions, and dreams; Empowering others to take a lead; Clarity of timing for tasks; Speed of structuring activities and discussion sessions; Sorting priorities and themes.

I am grateful to have a strong network of skilled and experienced collaborators with different specialisms, so we can introduce other skillsets and experiences to support what is needed. You can see some of these connections through Reconnect Works.

I have a variable day rate, depending on the project and resources of the organisation. Any additional contribution supports me to give more time to projects that have limited financial resources. I also do pro bono work with social change movements such as Extinction Rebellion UK and with local community conflicts.

If you are interested in an initial conversation about your organisation or group, I’d love to hear from you – please get in touch!