Here are comments from some of those I have worked with…

“Viv is highly valued by all within the GMHAN. She plays a pivotal role as a sense-maker, a facilitator, a mediator and a gatherer, analyser and communicator of data. Her work in GM Transformation Lab adds trusted mentor, accomplished trainer and gentle guide to her skills and gifts.”

Ian Rutherford, GM Homelessness Action Network

“One of the most meaningful events I have been to, and I have been to many. The space was held beautifully by the inspirational facilitators. I have been left feeling held, inspired and connected to what is real. Thank you, immense gratitude and I look forward to returning.”

Workshop participant 2021

“I feel motivated and empowered to learn more ways to integrate nvc into my personal life and relationships!”


“I so loved your facilitation and the planning and timing and the sense of inclusion. openness and hope, which very much rested in your holding the group with such care.”

Workshop participant 2021 (anonymous)

“Today has been a space of safety, richness, deep experience and care. The venue was beautiful, rich and varied. The spiral that reconnects touches the heart and the active spirit. Thank you!”

Active Hope Workshop participant 2021

“Viv has been a solid rock over recent times as a co-collaborator in the NVC-UK Conflict Transformation Weave. We have hosted mediations and developed systems of support together. Viv has amongst her strengths, clear visions for better systems and a light touch when implementing them.”

Ceri Buckmaster, NVC Certified Trainer

“Viv has been invaluable. She listened to the challenge, understood where our needs lay and brought a wealth of experience. What is also great about Viv is her delivery – it is simple and reassuring. You can test her and your own thinking from lots of different angles and she will entertain all manner of random questions. By bringing this open and patient approach, the process has greater validity. She was also willing to try a novel approach to the process, reflecting the unique needs of our project.”

Lindsay Smart, ClearlySo

“I loved working with Viv on Oxfam’s ‘Behind the Brands’ global website.  It was a complex and important project with many stakeholders.  As a technologist Viv has a deep practical understanding of how to design and implement solutions, but it was her role as a strategist that I most valued.  She has a rare ability to step back from an issue, see the big picture but always with an eye on practical details and the realities of implementation.  She helped us assess, prioritise and clarify our requirements and was instrumental in turning those into a feasible project.”

Eddy Lambert , Oxfam GB

“Viv played a crucial role in the development of both the strategy and production of amnesty.org. Her skills and knowledge are both varied and in-depth allowing her to always find the right questions to ask to bring us to the keys issues we had to resolve. Vivs user-centric approach ensured we always fully understood the implications and basis for our decisions leading to a site that was designed around our external users needs rather than our internal politics or assumptions.”

Matthew Haigh, Amnesty International

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