About Me

Viv Slack, Digital Consultant, Manchester
Viv Slack
Homelessness network
Drop in street session for XR
Creative small group session

After many years working with large charities and businesses, alongside community organising, I now focus on supporting organisations, grassroots groups and networks who are working together around issues including homelessness, inequality, migration and climate change.

I am passionate about creating new ways of being together beyond Patriarchy, and ever inspired by the work of Nonviolence and Active Hope. Seeing our common humanity and interconnectedness underpins everything I do. My dream is for a world organised around meeting the needs of all, rather than around the false idea ‘deserve’.

I enjoy the creativity and flow that comes with creating connection and sensing wisdom emerging from groups. I enjoy bringing different approaches and methods to support people to step outside their usual patterns and ways of knowing, and allowing something new to open up.

As co-founder and director of a small charity (Street Support Network), I also understand the challenge of running an organisation where time and resources are limited, and so I value efficiency, and offer flexibility in services and cost.

I am grateful to have a strong network of skilled and experienced collaborators with different specialisms, which enables me to draw in other skills and experiences, including through Reconnect Works.

I am based in West Yorkshire and work in Manchester, Leeds and online. I am open to travel further afield. if there is a good fit Please get in touch if you would like to explore.