Organising foundations and structures

The way I support groups to organise is based on the work of several people/organisations who i massively value, most notably Miki Kashtan (Nonviolent Global Liberation) and Frédéric Laloux (Reinventing Organisations). The following is a brief overview of some key structures, and there are links to follow for more information, or you can get in touch if you would like some support on facilitating this process.


For new or existing groups, I start with checking there is shared clarity on the foundations for what the organisation is and why it exists. There can be such a pull to ‘get on and do’ and skip over these initial steps, and i have seen so many times the impact of this later down the line which can come in the form of frustration, conflicts, stress and burnout.

This from Miki is the most precise and clear description of the key elements I’ve found…

  • Vision: where we’re heading – what we want to see in the world over time.
  • Purpose: why we do what we do – what inspires us to get up in the morning and do the work.
  • Mission: what we do – the nuts and bolts of action, including strategy, goals, objectives, and action steps.
  • Values: how we do what we do – what we orient towards to operate with integrity in service to our purpose.
  • Theory of Change: why we believe in what we do – the rationale for the mission as a way of accomplishing the purpose.

In addition to getting these clear, it is also super important that anyone involved has awareness and easy access to these principles if they are interested, so that the framework can support if confusion and conflicts arise.


From these foundations, organising structures need to be put in place. Again, it can be tempting to skip over and focus on tasks that need to be done, and it is important to realise that without structures, informal and invisible structures will develop over time, and again can lead to conflict and burnout. (You can read the classic ‘The Tyranny of Structurelessness‘ for more on this!)

Again, Miki’s work and Reinventing Organisations guide how I work with groups to find the systems and structures they need to support them to align their systems to their purpose. Here are some of the key things that need to be agreed…

  • Decision making: Who will make which decisions and how?
  • Information flow: How will we ensure information is accessible and transparent to everyone who might need it?
  • Resource flow: How will we generate and distribute resources?
  • Feedback system: How will we know what is and isn’t working for people?
  • Support system: How will people get support in a way that is within our capacity?
  • Conflict system: How will we respond when there is conflict?

There is often a mix in the group between people who want more structure and people who want less. This can be a cause of tension, but also a useful balance. A model i find helpful in thinking about this is ‘The Chaordic Path‘ – in the sweet spot between too much chaos and too much order is the chaordic, where there is flow and creativity, conditions for emergence. Each group will need to find this place for themselves, creating just enough structure to support people to understand how they can contribute their creative ideas and energy in a way that supports the mission of the group.

“As we move between chaos and order, individually and collectively, we move through confusion and conflict toward clarity. We are all called to walk this path without judgement – some will feel more comfortable with chaos, others with order. Both are needed as, together, we walk the edge that is between these two toward something wholly new.”

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