Nonviolent Communication (nvc)

NVC is a way of seeing the world that focuses on our common human needs. The intention is to create more connection between us, supporting us to express ourselves authentically and with care, to be more able to hear what matters to others, to liberate ourselves from oppression, and to find solutions that work for all of us.

Bring born into a society based on concepts of right/wrong and deserve, we are used to our thoughts taking us into judgement, creating separation between us, focusing on winning an argument and finding strategies to make sure we get what we want. Some of us focus on what others want and ignore our own needs, others of us tend towards self protection and self sufficiency. We are left with more separation and competition, a feeling that we are alone in the world and cannot trust ourselves, others or life.

Nonviolence is not just about not harming others – it is an active peace, a knowing that justice and equity are an essential part of moving towards a world where the needs of all matter.

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I host workshops based on specific needs of communities and organisations, and also occasional public workshops in collaboration with other nvc trainers.

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