Wisdom in times of uncertainty – Theory U / ULab

TheoryU and ULab developed from two decades of action research at MIT, and now hosted by Presencing Institute. It is a theory, framework and set of tools to build capacities we need to address the root causes of the social, environmental, and spiritual challenges we face.

A core component of ULab is working with the future as it emerges, tuning into deeper sources of wisdom – in ourselves, in others, in the collective field. It is both mysterious and scientific, and unlike anything else i have come across! I followed the ULab 1.0 course back in 2016 and found a place where social change, research and spirituality came together with a kind of mystery and an inner shift that felt significant.

I have since used ULab in a few different contexts, most recently connecting change makers in GM through GM Transformation Lab, and we are now exploring the potential for using this to bring policy makers and grassroots organisations together around systems change in GM (Greater Manchester).

I’m also following #GAIAJourney which is a ULab offering for connecting globally during the pandemic. There are people from projects all over the world (not just from Europe and Americas, which is often what is the reality when something’s called ‘Global’) – I have been in breakout rooms with people from Colombia and Uganda and Brazil and Japan and everywhere in between, groups working on so many different things from systems to individual change to local communities from health to farming to economics to alternative finance to democracy to growing food to education. I follow with wonder at this evolving movement that has come together so quickly in response to a time of great uncertainty.

If you are interested to find out more about TheoryU and ULab, and explore how it might support you and your organisation to see your next steps and emerging future, please get in touch.

Read the full post on reconnect.works (an initiative to support collaboration, based in Hebden Bridge).