Connecting Wisdom supports communities, groups and organisations to connect, collaborate, and co-create.

We have generative conversations, make inclusive decisions, increase awareness of power and privilege, move through conflicts and find creative solutions together. This might include…

Viv, I so loved your facilitation and the planning and timing and the sense of inclusion. openness and hope, which very much rested in your holding the group with such care.” – Workshop participant 2022

Recent projects include GM Homelessness Action Network, GM systems changers, Bury Elephants Trail, Calderdale Valley of Sanctuary, SAWN, Opal Advocacy (Oldham), Todmorden Makery, St Augustine’s advocacy, GM Transformation Lab, XR conflict transformation, NVC-UK conflict transformation, Street Support Network and Derbyshire off grid community.

Effective collaboration increases our capacity to respond to our most complex and important challenges, allowing new and creative ideas to emerge. Instead of struggling with capacity, burnout and ongoing conflicts, or falling back to hierarchical power, we explore ways to work together that are more effective, inclusive, restorative and enjoyable.

As part of this we work to understand and dismantle systems of oppression including racism, and gender binary systems. We look at how social constructs and systems increase harm and continue to make it really difficult (and painful) for some of us to participate.

Using tools like Deep Democracy, Appreciative Inquiry, Legislative Theatre, ULab, Art of Hosting, Convergent Facilitation, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Restorative Circles and more, we co-design a process to meet the mission, needs and power dynamics of the group.

I also support groups and individuals to increase their awareness of systems of oppression and internalised beliefs around race and gender identity. For in depth work around this, I recommend connecting with organisations like BRAP and Race Resilience.

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